• At ProComm our goal is to provide our customers with the high-tech communications needed in today's wireless world by providing quality solutions, cost-effective products, and exceptional customer support.

    Professional Communications has been operating in Virginia since 1976. We sell, service, and design wireless communications systems for a variety of industries including local government, manufacturing, public safety, education, medical, and the general business/industrial markets.

    Wireless communication products are constantly evolving. You can rely on ProComm’s talented and dedicated staff of experts to help you become fully aware of the latest developments in technology and customize the right products and services to fit your specific needs. We offer customization choices from the finest product lines on the market. We will strive to earn your trust and your business by providing products and services that are of high value at a fair price. We make every effort to build long term business relationships with our valued customers. So everything that we do for our clients is performed with the attitude that no sale is final.

    If you are presently our customer, we sincerely thank you for your patronage. If you are considering us as your supplier, we welcome the opportunity to serve you.

The most important thing to us is building long term business relationships.

Let us show you what we do.



    Radio System Design, Installation, Testing and Maintenance

    ProComm is one of the largest full line dealers for Kenwood Communications in the Mid-Atlantic Region and continually strives to provide our customers with the best radio solution for their most demanding applications. Service and products support is the #1 objective of our company. We want to serve you in a way that meets your needs.


    Simulcast and Digital Radio System Design, Installation, Testing and Maintenance

    Multi-site simulcast systems for analog or digital radio communications is one of our specialties. Whether you are located in rough and mountainous terrain, or in broad areas of flat topography, we can provide outstanding solutions to your coverage problems. Digital P25 phase I and II, NXDN, DMR or Analog radio systems can be provided in a cost-effective system design.


    Microwave System Design, Installation, Testing and Maintenance

    Connecting your major sites with your control center must be reliable 100% of the time. A microwave system is the most dependable method to connect all points within your system.


    Radio Dispatch Console Systems

    ProComm provides assistance and depth of understanding to the issues confronting dispatchers in a multi-task, high pace environment. Our teams can design highly functional systems depending upon priorities and application driven needs assessment.


    Digital Logging Recorders

    ProComm represents Eventide, the company that first created digital logging recorders, and continues to represent the most evolved and compatible recording systems. The new recorders allow network-level recording and are ready for the evolving i3 standard for dispatch centers. Contact us for network level recording of your communications traffic with the best user interface.


    Public Safety Vehicle Builds – PROCOMM-EVO

    ProComm’s Emergency Vehicle Outfitters (EVO) provides bumper to bumper complete vehicle equipment installation. Our experience and offerings include law enforcement, rescue, fire, animal control, and public works vehicles and apparatus. We pay close attention to detail and build them like you want them. Our standard build-out procedures guarantees a quality product.


    Tower Site Design, Maintenance, and Builds

    ProComm has the experience and capability to design, license, maintain, and erect tower sites. We have 15 of our own tower sites in Central and Southwest Virginia, and have built more than 25 tower sites for our customers (i.e. guyed, lattice, and mono-pole). Our tower crews exhibit professionalism and attention to detail and safety. Contact us to arrange tower inspections to protect your investments.


    Outdoor Mass Alert

    ProComm represents Federal Signal Alerting and Notification Systems, the industry leader for indoor and outdoor alerting. Public notification, school and campus alerting and other mass alert systems can be designed and installed with ProComm.


    Vehicle Repeater Systems

    For entities covering a lot of territory where portables may have trouble communicating or reaching your towers, ProComm has a VRL solution. We will work with you to get the VRL radios to operate reliably in your system without creating operational problems.


    Radio Rentals

    ProComm’s rental inventory includes hundreds of portable radios to meet your special event requirements. In addition to portables with various light and heavy duty headsets, we provide covert earpiece/mic combinations as well. Base stations and repeaters are also available for coverage of even the largest Coliseum, stadium or convention center. Whether you need 15 or 150 radios to coordinate your event we can meet your needs. Call today for a competitive quote.


    Paging: Public Safety, Commercial, and Personal

    Paging is simple, fast, reliable, and cost-effective. It operates on dedicated, FCC-licensed channels, using high power transmitters, self-reliant control equipment, and simple-to-use pagers. Paging is one of the best solutions available for critical message notification, to multiple team members simultaneously.


    E911 call taking systems by Intrado

    The leading call handling system today is the VIPER by Intrado. This versatile and “bullet proof” system moves your 911 center into the future NG911 environment. Intrado also delivers ANI /ALI data and cloud based solutions. ProComm is an authorized and trained service agent for Intrado.


    FCC Licensing

    Is your radio system licensed and operating within the Federal Communications Commission’s rules and regulations? Contact us today for assistance in making sure that your system is in compliance. FCC penalties for violations can be costly; let us help you avoid unnecessary costs.


  • ProComm is a distributor or wholesale dealer of many industry leading product manufacturers in the wireless industry. Our sales team and technicians are continually educated in the product lines and take great pride in helping our customers choose the best systems and components for each unique situation. Below you will find a list of partnering distributors and wholesalers.

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